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King of the Valley - next chapter

2022 is looking good... The Game Master is currently working on two new sequel / expansion sets of the game. The "working titles" are THE CITADEL and THE QUEST. We plan to inform you about this in spring of 2022.


King of the Valley - released succesfully

This unique medieval board game from The Game Master has received many positive reviews, a #7 rank in the fairplay list at SPIEL'21 and a solid rating on Boardgamegeek (7,5/10).

King of the Valley offers multiple tactical and strategic dilemma's for 2-4 kings in this family plus game in only 45 minutes. Strategic game play for two!

Update 2022: localized versions in German, French, Polish, Japanese, Italian and Spanish are eminent.

Opera Boardgame The Game Master

Opera - an epic experience

In 1607, Monteverdi’s opera La Favola d’Orfeo experienced its worldwide premiere. Over 400 years later this boardgame provides you with a unique opportunity to re-live this moment. As head of an aristocratic family, it is your mission to build impressive opera houses all over Europe. Collect the master pieces of several famous composers. Both are needed to increase your income. Make sure to collect prestige points in time, if you want to be remembered long afterwards...

Unique game mechanism: system in which ships move into the harbor and lowering market prices automatically... more


Rhodes - set sail to greatness

292 BC. Rhodes, the trade connection between the East and the West. As a farmer you cultivate delicious fresh olives, grapes, grain and fresh goat milk. Soon you will find your way to the city and expand your farm, fleet and wealth in Rhodes.

Unique game mechanism: system in which ships move into the harbor and lowering market prices automatically... more

Light-expert boardgame, 2-5 players, 90 minutes, 10+


Fortuna - find your road to happiness

From a small town just outside ancient Rome, each player starts his own path to hapiness. Starting as a small farmer, your goal may be to make wine, mary and live a simple life. Other players want to make money by trading goods. The player who makes a vital contribution to the City and it's Emperor increases his influence and power. Is luck for sale?

Unique game mechanism: switching action cards... more

Family plus boardgame, 2-4 players, 60 minutes, 10+