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We are planning to have a bigger booth, since we will be introducing two/three new titles. Also there will be a lot of attention for King of the Valley naturally. The current planning is to introduce our new game Adventure Land and one or two expansions/sequels to King of the Valley. More information will follow in the spring of 2022.

King of the Valley

King of the Valley King Mainports cover

King of the Valley is a brand new game with multiple options to choose from. It's smart, fun and challenging. Medieval times return, while 2-4 kings will do anything to build up their reputation and te be known as the one, true King of the Valley. You can als check Boardgamegeek if you want. MSRP introduction price EUR 25.

Mainports is a stand-alone sequal in the Ports of Europes series, inspired its ancestors Rotterdam and Antwerp, but definitely much different. In this new board game with a two-sided playing board, players start with a small fleet. Accept orders, buy some fuel and load your ship from Lisbon to Saint Petersburg or from London to Athens. A very nice economical game many strategies to choose from. Mainports MSRP is EUR 39,95. Read more on this page...