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Will the great statue arise?

The Greek island of Rhodes continues to grow and it develops rapidly. New technologies are invented. In the year 292 before Christ, the City Councel orders the start of the building of an enormous statue: the Colossus. Symbol of wealth and prosperity of the inhabitants of the island. Both traders and builders. The island of Rhodes maintains its strategic position in trading between the East and the West. If the building of the Colossus progresses, new goods are brought to the island. Bronze and even Gold is essential to complete the gigantic statue.

Will the news of the completion of the great Colossus travel fast, or will it become just a myth? Be part of this epic period in time.

The Colossus is a wonderful expansion to the basic game of Rhodes. In this international release, you can find the rules in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Especially interesting is the exciting double ending mechanism in the game, for even more suspense during and at the finale of the game.

- expert / strategic
- 2-5 players
- 90-120 minutes
- 10 years and up
- Strategic * * * *
- Tactical * * * * *
- Luck

The end is coming
The Colossus becomes brings new suspense to the basic game of Rhodes.
Part of this is a result of the new tactical and strategic options to the game. In Rhodes the game ends after the round in which the assignment deck is depleted. In The Colossus the game may also end when the statue is completed. It is uncertain if or when this happens. In which phase of the game the great statue will arise is a result of the choices the players make. Even if you do have influence in the game, this is hard to predict. Another interesting interactive game mechanic is in play to guarentee an exciting finale.

The Colossus has a retail price of EUR 19,95 / USD 24,95. Expected release date is November 10, 2017. If you live outside The Benelux and the game is unavailable in your country, you can order the game directly at The Game Master by sending us an e-mail. We can send the game to your home. Mail your order here

3D ColossusBuilding the Colossus
The building site of the great Colossus introduces an extra board on which there are a lot of game mechanisms present (picture on the left). Those players who help to construct this gigantic statue, must deliver goods, bronze and even gold to make progress. If you follow a consistent strategy and nobody copies your choices, you will get rewarded well at the lucrative bonustrack (on the right side of the board). But, you are not alone in Rhodes. Also, the progress of the construction will even trigger new opportunities in the game. Starting from building level 2, new Egyptian ships will come to the harbor, offering cheaper products and gold to the traders.

Building ColossusMajor new developments on Rhodes
Apart from the construction of the Colossus, a new temple arises too. This is an opportunity for those who have a well-developed estate, to valuate their achievements, plus it creates a way to get bronze. A second production facility also provides smart players a method to attain valualable chunks of bronze. With new development tiles it is possible to get more Drachmen, activate your estate's developments a second time and several other interesting new tactics to experiment with. The economy of Rhodes has no limits, but time can be your enemy or friend. If you are one of the players, you will be part of history itself. Even more than that. You will WRITE history.

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Game designer: Pieter Boots
Illustrations: Julien Delval
Editor: Hans van Tol
Publisher: The Game Master BV

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