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Handy Cows

Handy Cows!

Handy Cows is the international name of the original Dutch cardgame Handy Cows. This a humourous cardgame about cows who want some action and are in search of handy bulls with the right tools! Handy Cows is a game in a series of cow games which form a satire on TV reality programs of which Happy Cows was the first (a satire on dating programs). Handy Cows has been inspired by the many, many “total make over” TV programs.


Category of game:
- a Humourous Card Game
- Players: 2-5
- Duration: 15-20 minutes
- Age: 8 and up
- Strategic *
- Tactics * * *
- Luck * * *

Humourous cow game
The cows have great plans with the farm. Now they are in search of handy bulls who are fit to use their tools in the way the cows desire. But where can you find a bull when you really need them? Some of them are eating or sleeping in a trailer. Clumsy bulls are in need of bandages at the First Aid post and other bulls have been spending most of the day at the toilet. Do you have the power to get them going, using all you’ve got? But beware! Make sure you handle the heavy tooling with care…

Handy Cows is a sequel to Happy Cows , and can be played seperately. Handy Cows does include a special bonus card: the Power Bull! Another Cow game in the series is the card game Trendy Cows !

Introduction video
Please check out a short introduction to the game of Trendy Cows! This video is in Dutch!


Game design: Hans van Tol
Illustrator: Wesly Gibs
Graphic design: Arenea Kunkeler
© 2008-2010 All rights reserved by The Game Master BV, The Netherlands

Sales and distribution
For more information about the card game Trendy Cows and the other games in the cow series in your country please contact Sales.

The Dutch Klussen met Koeien is available at many farm stores as well as game shops. Please click here
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