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Happy Cows

Happy Cows!

A funny card game – you need to gather as many happy cows on your farm as you can.

Category of game:
- Funny Card Game
- Players: 2-5
- Duration: 15-20 minutes
- Age: 8 and up
- Strategic *
- Tactics * * *
- Luck * * *

Cowlarious Cardgame
It’s a sad day for our girls on the farm …
The farmer is away on business. Mr T-Bone, the cool guy on the farm, shows no interest in the girls whatsoever. And, of course, they’re out of fresh hay.
Just chewing the cud can only keep you busy for so long – it’s time for Daisy, Lucy, Bella, Lulu and Rose to take matters into their own hooves: they are on the prowl for a super farmer.
Can you round up a happy herd?

Game rules
You can download the English rules or the Hungarian rules of the game. You can also check the www.koezoektboer.nl website. For now, this website is only available in Dutch.

On the Spellengek website a review has been published on Cows want it Now!

The Dutch Koe zoekt Boer is available at many farm stores as well as game shops. Please click here
for more addresses. The German Kuh sucht Bauer is published by University Games.

Game Designer: Hans van Tol
Illustrations: Wesly Gibs
Graphics: Yvon-Cheryl Scholten and Florine de With