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Storymakers is a family board game for:
2-10 players, 8+, 45 minutes


Storymakers - just funtastic!

Use your imagination and make unique stories by combining the story cards. Write down the secret story code and the game starts. The other players think they understand you and how you think. But this is not always the case. As a true storymaker you may help them a bit, giving special hints. But will they understand you? The fun stories will cause hilaric situations, but also the way you have to communicate.

Over 100 million different stories can be told in this fun game. Storymakers contains a basic version for cooperative game play and a "party" version for players who want to play competitively. Is this game difficult? NO. Is it fun? Just try it out yourself and you will be convinced after your first play.

- family board game
- 2-10 players
- 45 minutes
- 8 years and up
May 2017

A great game?
Storymaker has originally been created for people with difficulties in communication. Therefore the goals of the game are improve creativity, fantasy, communication, understanding of language and non-verbal communication. And it is just an extra, because the game is just fun to play. Also you learn a lot about yourself and about other players. We have had many testers who defined this game "great", because of its purpose & effect.

Some basic understanding of the game
OK. So, we will give you some more insight in how the game works. How do you create a new story? You need to combine parts of a story, which are "cut" into pieces, with three parts on each card. You make new combinations, which can bring you absurd combinations as for instance:
"Once upon a time there was a funny vampire who crawled into a rocket and got shot into space (end of story) "

With exactly the same set of cards you can also make the following combo:
"Once upon a time there was a terrifying princess who swallowed a piano and got very sick (end of story) "

You can image that there are many more crazy, funny & dramatic stories you can make with this set.

Risk taking, party game
In Storymakers there is also some risk taking. This makes a cooperative game exciting, since you just do not know (even if you think you do) how well you know each other and if you will understand each other. The risk taking part of the game also makes it more interesting for adults and/or competitive players. Of course you can choose how to play the game. The party version for 10 players is with 2 teams who will have to bid against each other. More tension and excitement, but definitely a lot of fun when things do not work out as you thought they would.

But beware. In this game you must allow yourself to think "out of the box". In the game, Chase, the rabbit, which you can find on the cover of coruse, will be going out of the box. Try to get inside the head of the storymaker to understand what he or she is thinking. If you stay in the box, you will never know. But, fortunately, you do not need to be very creative. We will help you! With some crazy cards, fun words, idiotic combo's and you will also learn from other players. Enjoy the new world you will create yourself and with others in Storymakers.

Game designer: Hans van Tol
Illustrations & Graphic design: Wesley Gibs and Sjoerd van der Vlugt
Publisher: The Game Master BV

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