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Countdown Special Ops

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Countdown Special Ops

Game category
1-6 players
30 minutes per mission
12 years and up
Supportive links
special ops: Gustav

Strategic * * * *
Tactical * * * * *
Luck factor **
Special features:
100% modular game set up
cooperative game
real time mode
traitor mode
campaign mode
scenario settings
multiple levels


"Hi, my name is Gustav, Gustav Schneider. People call me all kind of names. The Butcher, or The Shooter. Some say that I am not really a special operations agent.. but of course I am one of the ops. Why do they say these mean things to me? Maybe because they are very jealous. And I understand this, since it is true that I do not have a special ability, but I am just the only op who can improve his aiming skills way up to level 6. OK, so you don't understand what I mean? Well, I will explain to you my strengths and where you can use me for when you are in a state of emergency because you have failed another mission..."

"So here you can find my profile. I am number 1, of course. Need I say more? OK, what does that mean? It means that I am the one in the frontline. When me and my team mates enter an area, I am the one who gets the bullits. Right? So, the other special ops are just a bunch of pussies following me, Gustav, the Shooter who takes all the risk in a close combat situation. I am the one who gets hit first if we enter an area and the intel has forgotten to check the room and a booby trap explodes."

"The other thing about me is the symbol of the revolver. This is in fact my specialty. I am just very good at aiming at the enemy. I can only use this ability in close combat. Matt, the sniper in our team, for example, is always afraid and only shoots from a distance with his sniping specialty. But sometimes he just has to come with me, to get a move on. I start at an experience level "0", with zero extra aiming skill. At the start of my very first mission, the only thing I have is my rifle and I hope that I hit someone. I learn during the mission and become better and better. I have the strongest learning curve in aiming skill. This is why I get better after I have done my first attempt in close combat and get aiming skill level 1. You will see, you will be needing me in the mission!"

"The other things you can see on my profile card - which is going to be made out of real heavy carton - are my health and my energy. I start with two health, indicated by two wooden blocks next to my heart symbol on the card. When I have been shot, I lose 1 health. If I have no health left, I am dead! So make sure if you send me into the mission, that you ask Rita to back me up. She can heal me and give me some extra energy to move on during the gun fight. The yellow lightning indicates the number of actions I can do in a game round. I start with two energy blocks (yellow wooden blocks) and I hope that this will be enough for the round. At the end of each game round all ops, who are still alive, get a new energy (recovery phase)."

"I hope you have learned more about me and next time you see me and want to call me names, that you will just show a bit more respect!"


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Experiencing Countdown Special Ops will be a blast. Are your ready for it?

When and where can I get it?
Countdown special ops will be released in october 2013. The retail price in Europe will be a very competitive price of only EUR 29,95. It should be available in these shops, but make sure to give them a call or send them an e-mail before the release date. Check your local shop for more information about this great new title and make sure to reserve your own copy in time! The first release could become sold out quite fast. Don't say we didn't warn you! If you are also convinced that this game is a sure buy, just post it on BGG and send us an e-mail. We will make sure that your call will be noted.